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  David Johannes Treasurer, NATEODA
   4538 Bellewood Drive
  St. Louis, MO 63125
  Cell (314) 520-440

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Bronze National EOD
Association belt buckles


 NATEODA Ball Point Pins

EOD Ball Point Pins

$10.00 each

 NATEODA Sog Knife

EOD Sog Knife

$15.00 each

 "Fire in the Hole" Cook Book

"Fire in the hole" Cook Book

"Fire in the hole"
Cook Book

 NATEODA Master Decal

Master EOD Decal

Master EOD Decal
Red Bomb Pins
Red Bomb Pin

Key Chain
Key Chain


NATEODA T Shirt Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Black
Black T Shirt
$20.00 +
$5.35 Shipping

$15.00 + $5.35 Shipping
Vietnam Vets Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad
$5.50 Includes shipping
Vietnam Vets Patch 6 inch
6 inch patch
$9 Includes shipping

Vietnam Vets 3 inch patch
3 Inch Patch
$6 Includes shipping
Vietname Vets Lapel Pin
Lapel Pin
$6 Includes shipping
Vietnam Vets Ribbon Window Decal
6 inch
$6 Shipping Included

SOG Key Knife

$11 Shipping Included

Vietnam Vets Logo Hat
Vietnam vet hat
$16.50 Includes Shipping
Vietnam Vets Flag Style
Vietnam Vets Flag Hat
$16.50 Includes shipping

Vietnam Vets Window Decal 5 Inch
5 inch window decal
$6 Includes shipping
Vietnam Vets Window Decal 8 Inch
5 inch window decal
$9 Includes shipping

Large Master EOD Badge Decal
Width 11, Height 8, Inch
Large Crab
$11 Includes Shipping




Vietnam EOD Vets Tee Shirts

$22.00 Includes Shipping


Vietnam Vets Challenge Coin

$9 Includes Shipping


Basic EOD Badge
EOD Basic Badge

$16.50 Includes Shipping