We welcome and invite all qualified persons regardless of race, religion, age, national origin, gender or sexual orientation to be a member of the National Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association. There are three levels of NATEODA membership: Regular, Associate, and Corporate.


Regular Membership

Any person who graduated from the Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal at Indian Head, Maryland, or Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, was awarded the EOD badge and military occupational specialty in any of the U.S. armed forces, and can provide evidence of honorable military service is eligible for regular membership in NATEODA.

Also eligible for regular membership are military service members who were awarded the EOD military occupational specialty and assigned to military EOD duties without attending a recognized military EOD school, served honorably in any of the US armed forces, and can provide evidence of honorable service.

Regular members may attend meetings, vote on Association business, and are eligible to serve as Association officers and Board members.


Associate Membership

Any person, military or civilian, not eligible for regular NATEODA membership, may apply to join as associate members. Associate membership is contingent on approval of the Association officers.

Associate members may attend meetings, participate in business discussions, but not vote on Association business.


Corporate Membership

Corporate members support the EOD community and are invited to join the Association. A corporation membership may have up to three individual memberships. Individual corporate members may attend meetings, participate in business discussions, but not vote on Association business.


Current and Former Members

The Association opened a new website on November, 2020. It refreshed and updated the old website and now includes all content previously published in the Association newsletter, RSP, which has been retired.

This website requires current regular, associate, and corporate members to have an online account to enter the secure password-protected Member area. To get a new login and password for the website, members need to complete a renewal membership form and be current in their dues.

A renewal application form will be completed each time dues are paid to update our records.

Renew Membership for Current Members

The $50 membership renewal dues adds two years to the current membership. If the payment does not bring the dues current, the member will be sent payment instructions to bring past dues current.

If a member’s dues are paid to December 31, 2023 or beyond, send a message from the Contact Us link for instructions on using the custom payment option to activate a website account.

Current members who do not have a online account:

  1. Fill in a renewal membership application, signup for the online account and pay dues by clicking the Renew Existing Membership button.
  2. On the Choose Type of Membership page, select the Regular, Associate, or Corporate button and fill in the information on the Membership Checkout page.
  3. If your account has not been activated within three days, please Contact Us.

Current members who already have an activated online account and are paying additional dues to extend their membership:

  1. Click the Renew Existing Membership button, then on the Membership Checkout page, click on the “Log in here to continue link” (to the right of Account Information).
  2. This brings you to the Members page to complete your log in and returns to the Membership Checkout page. Fill in the required information and click Submit.


Apply For New Membership

This is a one-step process to complete the application form, signup for the online account and pay dues.

  1. Click on a new Regular, Associate, or Corporate button below and follow the instructions.
  2. All applications, except renewal applications from current members, will be reviewed for eligibility before the online account is activated.
  3. If your account has not been activated within three days, please Contact Us.


Association dues are $25 annually for regular and associate members, and $75 annually for corporate members. Dues are paid every two years beginning with the initial application.


Select a button below to apply for membership or renew an existing membership.