Stuart Steinberg


Stu served in the Army from 1966-1971. He graduated from the EOD basic course in January, 1967, and was sent to South Vietnam in September, 1968. He served with the 184th Ord. Bn. (EOD Section), the 25th Ord. Det. (EOD) and the 287th Ord. Det. (EOD). His awards include the Bronze Star for valor and Purple Heart. He returned home in March, 1970, and left the Army in 1971.

He received his BA in 1976, law degree in 1980, and advanced law degree in 1982. He worked as a public defender, then investigator on defense homicide cases, including nine capital cases, retiring in 2005.

He was in Afghanistan in 2009 -2010, serving as an adviser to the Afghan Border Police through the UN Office of Drugs and Crimes.

He has been a service officer for Vietnam Veterans of America since 1978 and is now the chief service officer for Oregon. He is the NATEODA’s advocate for military and VA healthcare and disability benefits.

He and his wife, Mona, live in the Oregon high desert with his two horses, dog, cat, and two parakeets.